Eating Turmeric Help You to Achieve Weight Loss?

turmeric and weight loss

As we’ve become more intrigued by the partnership between inflammation and obesity, turmeric emerged as a seemingly magical solution to our weight loss problems.
The problem is: All of us don’t have the research to officially say that it is–yet. “All of the research on turmeric or curcumin and the impact on weight loss has been done on animals, not humans, ” says registered dietitian and authorized strength and conditioning specialist Alissa Rumsey, an agent for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “And during your stay on island are some studies that show adding turmeric to your diet plan may help control inflammation, the amounts used in those studies are much, much higher than the total amount you’d ever use in a glass or two or dish, states.
Though there have been studies on real, live people that look into curcumin’s antioxidant nature, and they’ve been positive, we can’t say for sure that turmeric as an antioxidant can help with weight loss–or even weight management, says Rumsey.

Regardless, Rumsey says turmeric could potentially aid weight loss, in other ways: She recommends using it to add flavor without sugar or salt and infuse diversity in to your daily diet. “When food is more flavorful, people have a tendency to be satisfied with less of it in the first place, Rumsey explains. Plus, when you switch the taste profile of foods, you will be less bored and even more likely to stick to healthier options.

Consuming turmeric probably just isn’t going to help you drop pounds the way in which not consuming soda or doughnuts would. But put together with a wholesome and nutritious diet, regular exercise, and stress, it definitely won’t harm. So long as, of course, you do it the smart way–think a few tsps each day… and nowhere close to an IV (just to be safe).

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